Our first priority is our customers. As a service company we put in the extra effort to ensure you get the very best installation and the lowest cost. Below are a few of our customer testimonials.

“We decided to have a whole-house generator installed last year after I started babysitting our granddaughter part time. We did not want to go through another winter worrying about losing heat. Same holds true in the summer months with the possibility of no air conditioning. We also couldn’t run water if the electric went out. Joe Henry installed one for us and did a superb job. His quality of work is excellent. We only had the generator for a week and it got its first test because our electricity went out. The generator started up within about 10 seconds. We’ve lost our electric about three times since the generator was installed, and each time we just smile because in no time at all the generator has kicked on and we have electricity again. It’s such a great peace of mind knowing we don’t have to worry about whether the electric goes out anymore. It’s the best investment we’ve made in a long time. We’re so thankful to Joe for the excellent work he did for us.”

Jeff and Diane Smith

My wife and I built a new home in Mechanicsburg and Joe was there promptly, professionally dressed and answered all my questions. When my Generator came in, he was there again, professional dressed and on time. His quote was accurate, there were no “surprise” extra charges, Joe even finished the job in the snow. As a Commercial Realtor and owner of several commercial buildings, I’d recommend Joe to anyone looking for a professional job and a reasonable price.

Jeffery Taylor, Mechanicsburg

Joe is very professional and a trustworthy electrician.  He came out to our rental property to inspect our panel box and found some other issues with our water heaters that needed addressed.  He went the extra mile, drained them, inspected the heating element and then hooked them back up again.  I have used many electricians in the past and Joe is among the very best. Highly recommended!

Craig Kelley, Carlisle